D7.1 - ONCORELIEF Web Presence (Website, Wiki, Blog, Social Media)

The goal of task 7.1 is to ensure the widespread visibility of the project and to maximize its impact to the European societies and industries, the research community and the academia. It is at first dedicated in producing all necessary material, both digital and printed, which will be used during the dissemination expeditions of the individual partners and the consortium as a whole. All this material will effectively create a powerful “communication kit” that will be available to all partners in order to be used for raising the project’s awareness assisting the necessary actions described in detail in Section 2.2.2. In conclusion, this task will mainly execute the Dissemination and communication strategy elaborated in T7.1. The first part of this task is the development of the project’s website [M3].

The purpose of this deliverable is to describe the website of the ONCORELIEF project, which can be accessed at: http://www.oncorelief.eu. This is a first version of the website, that will be extended in deliverable D7.2, that will include the whole communication kit. The deliverable covers the goals of the website, its background technical infrastructure, its organizational structure and contents, its overall visual layout, and aspects about its administration. The ONCORELIEF website constitutes a central dissemination tool for the project, expecting to be the most common entry point for the public, and will thus be regularly updated, adhering to the overall project dissemination plan.

At a second level [M6], the site will provide the communication templates (press release, leaflet, poster etc.) that will be established during the first months of the ONCORELIEF project, and will be accessible to the public through the project’s website.