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It is our pleasure to announce that the paper titled "A hybrid artificial intelligence solution approach to aftercare for cancer patients" has been published to Springer's Neural Computing and Applications Journal (NCAA). The paper presents the overall solution of ONCORELIEF focusing on the artificial intelligence methods employed. You can find the paper online here .

The ONCORELIEF partners prepared a paper that describes the ONCORELIEF protocol, and it has just been published in JMIR Research Protocols. The paper presents ONCORELIEF's user-centered artificial intelligence system to facilitate the input and integration of patient-related biopsychosocial data to improve posttreatment quality of life, well-being, and health outcomes and examine the feasibility of this digitally assisted workflow in a real-life setting in patients with colorectal cancer and acute myeloid leukemia.

The 2nd review meeting of the ONCORELIEF project was held remotely on February 8, 2023. The project partners presented their work so far and the reviewers and project officer provided their feedback in view of the upcoming end of the pilot studies and technological developments.


A patient-centric page describing the overall ONCORELIEF project has been uploaded to the ONCORELIEF website. The new page describes the ONCORELIEF solution in a nutshell, preseting its main aspects in a friendly language.

The new page briefly presents the overall solution, the main devices and applications involved in data collection and analysis, the impact of the ONCORELIEF solution to patients and clinicians and the guidelines followed for data privacy protection. You can read the full page here.

The European Commission has approved a 6-month extension of the ONCORELIEF project. The project will continue until June 2023, which will give more time to the pilot site execution, ensuring collection of larger on-site data. This will provide enough information to power the developed AI methods for patient monitoring and Quality of Life prediction, as well as conduct a more comprehensive assessment of the ONCORELIEF solution as a whole.



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