INNOSYSTEMS has been founded in 2011, by an enthusiastic and talented team of experts in the fields ofInnovative Business Development, Advanced IT Solutions and Management, Cross-domain European Commissionco-funded Projects as well as Greek National Investment Programmes. Although the company has been establishedrelatively recently, its dedicated personnel has an extended experience and in-depth know-how in complex projectsinvolving multinational and multicultural consortium members across different industries and fields of expertise andknowledge domains, since the early 2000. INNOSYSTEMS is a cutting-edge, highly innovative company,established to provide uniquely customised and innovative technical solutions and consulting services to a broadrange of stakeholders such as businesses, public and private organizations, governmental authorities, publicadministration houses, etc., in order to provide efficient and effective high-end products, business and research-drivenIT solutions and services by integrating heterogeneous information and distributed services.

INNOSYSTEMS is providing a range of products and services, namely: (a) Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis Services, (b) Wide Scale Survey Management Services, (c) Custom Software Development Solutions, and most importantly (d) research and innovation project based development in various knowledge domains such as eLearning tools and platforms, energy efficiency and eco-friendly services, security, transportation, IoT technologies, etc. 

More specifically, INNOSYSTEMS has an extensive proven record and vast experience in managing, developing and successfully completing innovative research projects in various domains. The company personnel have more than 10 years of experience in research and technology innovation, through their involvement in over 30 projects across various business sectors and technological domains. The aim of the Research and Development department is to participate in cutting-edge research projects that develop innovative applications, effective IT services and platforms and therefore promote the company to a professional operational innovation and technology provider. 

The cooperation in these projects has given INNOSYSTEMS the opportunity to create a vast network of collaboration and partners in various business and technological sectors and work with a variety of types of companies and sizes. Through this extensive experience, INNOSYSTEMS has evolved into a management consultancy and corporate advisory firm, servicing many leading European and multinational companies, universities and organisations. Our scope is to harvest and benefit from the full value of opportunities in the Greek, European and International markets. By focusing on the key drivers of good performance, we aim to support our clients achieve pragmatic value enhancements from their own operating assets. INNOSYSTEMS helps their clients to drive practical innovation in processes and service delivery improvement. We combine analytic approaches and a pragmatic approach to new technologies with an understanding of change management and people development solutions to deliver real and beneficial change.