The Consortium is happy to announce that the implementation of the first prototype of the ONCORELIEF platform has begun and is expected to be delivered until the end of July. It follows a meticulous design that considered a complete set of requirements that meet the initial functionality to be provided to the platform users, namely, the cancer patients, their caregivers, and the Healthcare Professionals.

The objectives of this first prototype are:

  • To validate the design of ONCORELIEF’s system architecture and confirm the seamless communication across the range of its individual components
  • To verify that the data, especially those containing personal health information are transferred, stored, and processed in a secured, encrypted and when required, anonymized way
  • To provide an initial proof of concept for the ONCORELIEF’s AI capabilities in proposing to the HCPs the appropriate recommendations for their patients

The ONCORELIEF architecture consists of four main modules:

  1. The ONCORELIEF Sensing Framework, that sets the connection specifications, not only for the smart wrist-worn sensor device, designed for the purposes of the project, but also for third-party devices that monitor the patient and its environment
  2. The Back-end platform that is responsible for gathering, processing, analysing, and exporting the data
  3. The Guardian Angel mobile application functioning as the user interface for the patients and their caregivers
  4. The HCP web app designed to meet the needs of the HCPs in accessing the services and data of the ONCOREFIEF platform